Noah Walz

Noah Walz

Retirement Healthcare Insurance


Noah works to help our clients understand and review their health insurance options in retirement and has been specializing in this area for over 4 years. Noah specializes in reviewing Medicare Supplement Insurance to help ensure our clients are in a plan that is in their best interest.  Noah is insurance licensed in Nebraska, Iowa, Texas and California. 

Generally, Noah will work with our clients to find out which Medicare Supplement plan they have, what company it is with, and how much they are paying. Many people did not know they can actually compare Medicare Supplement plans for a better price. 

Here are two links that help shed light on why you should be comparing your Medicare Supplement plans with Noah's help:

Noah is an active member at Lincoln Berean church and in his free time he loves to fish, kayak, boat, and jet-ski, as well as just about any outdoor activity.